Got scammed online? Get your money back and be sure - justice exists!

Any financial operations carried out online can be a subject to chargebacks if you are unsure of their legality, especially when it comes to interactions with trading platforms.

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How it works

If you wonder what a chargeback is, we can explain it in just a couple of easy steps. Once you have been scammed online and have used your debit/credit card for a fraudulent transaction, you can contact your bank and reverse it. Your bank needs to receive sufficient evidence about the case, and based on that, they can get the money back directly from the merchant. Since every country has its own unique laws related to chargeback procedures, contacting specialists can make the whole difference.

Our Company has been established with the utmost goal of helping victims of online scams. Our job goes beyond determining what happened, we act as your advisor, and our main task is to recover your loss.

How People Can Be Caught By Scammers?

When it comes to online trading scams, the first thing you will see is an overpromising trading ad where the company convinces you that you can be a millionaire within weeks. After you submit your details, you will receive a call from the company’s employees persuading you to invest as much money as possible. There are several types of scams you can be involved in: Forex trading scam, cryptocurrency scam, binary options, etc. Whatever they are offering you, make sure to check if the company is legit and regulated before going into anything further.

What We Do To Help Our Clients?

Our priority task is for you to be reimbursed if you were scammed while trading online. There are a couple of steps that are part of our successful money-back strategy.

After thousands of clients, our experience has shown that this is the best possible way to get your funds back and be protected at every stage. You are not alone. We’re here, hand in hand.

  • Free consultation with the chargeback specialist
  • Evaluating the case
  • Once we conclude that you can provide sufficient evidence, we will help you prepare to file a dispute
  • Our experts will guide you step by step through the chargeback process

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