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Forex Trading Scams

If you have been scammed while trading on the Forex market, our specialists can help you get your money back. Get in touch, tell us your story and let the experts build a refund plan.

Binary Options Scams

Despite binary options being banned in the UK and EU, certain fraudulent companies still involve clients in this scam. If you’re one of those who fell victim, worry not, our experts have a solution for you.

Cryptocurrency Scams

Lately, most scams on the financial market are related to cryptocurrencies as they are the most profitable asset for short-term trading. If you get involved with a crypto scam, our team of experts will look for a money-back solution for you.

Bank Scams

If your bank details have been used without your authorization, report it immediately, whether the transfer was made from your debit/credit card or bank account. Our experts from the financial department will start looking for a tailor-made solution for your case.

Credit Card Scams

In case you notice odd transactions on your bank statement or simply see that the money from your credit card is disappearing without your approval, let us know. We need to block the card and prepare a thorough dispute for a chargeback.

Online Dating Scams

Suppose you met someone online and thought it was the love of your life, but this person only wanted your money. Tell us your story and let our experts work on tracing your funds and the alleged person on the other side of the internet connection.

Bitcoin Scams

As Bitcoin is the most popular and the most valuable cryptocurrency, most online trading scammers rely on this particular one when conducting a scam. Whether you’ve been convinced to purchase Bitcoin and transfer it to a fraudulent company, they took your Bitcoin directly from your wallet, or similar, let us know.