Crypto Scams

Nowadays, everyone talks about cryptocurrencies. Some call it the future of money. Some say it’s just a giant bubble that will burst soon. However, there’s a lot of talks. Fraudsters know that everyone must have heard about Bitcoin that is making millions to some. Dogecoin recently came into play. Ethereum already broke its all-time high. All this made scammers confident they could start a crypto scam.
Basically, you will see an ad related to crypto investing with a specific company and its crypto experts. They might ask you for a small deposit initially, but after you start, you will be prompted for more and more. You will be shown some charts from the past where certain crypto increased 100% in value and promised the same outcome if you just add a little bit more funds.
Unfortunately, this kind of outcome rarely happens. Most likely, you will never be able to withdraw your funds, and if you insist too much on it, your account will be blocked. Crypto scams can come in a couple of forms – as an online trading platform, from someone claiming to work in a crypto wallet, or simply by someone who says they can help you trade crypto you already have on your own wallet. Whatever it is, make sure you’re dealing with a licensed company or a genuine broker. Otherwise, you might discover that your funds have disappeared.
If something similar happens, you should definitely file a dispute. Cryptocurrencies are not easy to follow as wallets are anonymous, but there are ways to find a person who has been in touch with you. Let professionals assist you with the matter, and don’t be another victim.

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